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OF ceramics - Vintage Floral Medium Bowl - 2 Colours

OF ceramics - Vintage Floral Medium Bowl - 2 Colours

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ArtsyLUSO - OF Portugal Ceramics - Limited Edition

Available in Vintage Yellow & Vintage Grey

The products' designs are inspired by portuguese tiles and earthenware from the 19th and 20th centuries. Traditional motifs are based in three natural elements: earth, water and air, usually represented by flowers, fish, roosters and other birds.

Every piece is carefully hand painted using original ancient techniques. Using high fire colours only, like blue, green, pink, brown and yellow. The high quality earthenware shows the rich depth of colour and glaze characteristic of hand made production. All glazes are lead free and withstand everyday use.

Each piece is unique and can be used for decoration purposes or at the table in your everyday meals with your family and friends.

Material: Earthenware 

Care: This earthenware should not be put directly over a hot flame or burner. Not suitable for microwave ovens.
We recommend hand washing only. Use only mild soap and never scratchy powdered cleaners on your earthenware.

Capacity: 320ml

Dimensions: Height 8cm, Diameter 13.2cm

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