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Jose Gourmet - Red Pepper Jam

Jose Gourmet - Red Pepper Jam

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Red-colored fruits are known to be powerful antioxidant allies. Its effects are more than proven and far outweigh the small disadvantages that are sometimes unfairly associated with some of them: the idea that peppers are indigestible, for example, takes away from their powerful nutritional action. Another fixed notion: orange is the fruit of vitamin C, right? Yes, but peppers have a higher concentration of this vitamin! But no persuading is required, peppers will effortlessly win any fight. And our red pepper jam, lightly flavored with white wine vinegar, will make for delicious patching up with everything and everyone. From what we have been told, any attempt at resistance is a waste of time! Surrender as you wish, armed with toast or saltines.

Some discoveries are true inventions!


Made in Portugal

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