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Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre - Dessert Plate Christian Lacroix - Various Styles

Vista Alegre - Dessert Plate Christian Lacroix - Various Styles

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Love Who You Want Collection

Intermingling contemporary and haute couture designs of the house of Christian Lacroix, the new Christian Lacroix Maison - Vista Alegre gift collection is composed of various items representing exuberant and extraordinary personalities, such as “Mister Tiger” or “Doña Jirafa”, clearly illustrative of the unique imagination of the French brand.

Inspired by a game created by the French surrealists in the 1920’s, where various artists imagined the continuation of a painting not knowing what had been painted previously, the Love Who You Want collection is yet another irresistible youth proposal
which combines the best of the two mythical brands.

Collection awarded with an honorable mention by the German Design Award 2017.

Material: Porcelain

Care: Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwaves.

Dimensions: Height 30mm, Length 230mm

Made in Portugal

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