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Ach Brito

Ach Brito - Luxo-Banho Classic Soap - 350g

Ach Brito - Luxo-Banho Classic Soap - 350g

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Moisturizing and creamy, this soap daily cares for and protects the skin, which leaves your skin clean and soft like velvet. Its perfume is sweet and fresh.

Package artwork is beautiful!

From the oldest and most prestigious family owned soap manufacturers in Portugal
Milled seven times, formed, pressed and moulded by hand (using traditional techniques) and then allowed to dry in air naturally
Produces a rich creamy lather, keeps its fragrance right to the end and lasts three times longer than similar sized soaps
Enriched with coconut oil and natural shea-butter
Fragranced with perfumes from France and essential oils from flowers and herbs

Weight: 350g

Made in Portugal

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