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Bordallo Pinheiro - Cabbage Collection, Dinner Plate - 2 Colour

Bordallo Pinheiro - Cabbage Collection, Dinner Plate - 2 Colour

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The Cabbage Collection, in its rough and flat form, could be used as a metaphor for Portuguese rustic ways, which Bordallo had so many times caricatured. This was a clever way to honour it, placing it on the bourgeoisê tables, where other way it had not been invited.

Available in Green and White.

Distinctive Characteristics: Hand Painted Complements

Material: Earthenware

Dimensions: Length 265 mm, Width 265 mm, Height 30 mm

Weight without Package 0.57 kg

65000442 - Green

65016700 - White


Microwave resistance - Products must not be empty when used in a microwave. Always use a handle or an appropriate glove when removing heated earthenware pieces from the microwave as they may be hot.

Dishwasher safe, but should not be left in the dishwasher for long periods of time, after the cycle, as the generated steam can damage the pieces.

Bordallo Pinheiro’s pieces are not resistant to a great thermal variation. Avoid putting very warm pieces in cold places or in contact with cold water with a transition time.

Made in Portugal

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