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Book - All About Lisbon by Maria Ribeiro da Fonseca

Book - All About Lisbon by Maria Ribeiro da Fonseca

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Do you know what Julius Caesar, Vasco da Gama, Fernando Pessoa, James Bond and Queen Elizabeth II have in common? They are all linked to the history of Lisbon! That’s right, Lisbon is a fascinating city! Throughout its more than 2000 year history, it welcomed Romans, Arabs and other civilizations, was the starting point for the Age of Discovery, which made Portugal one of the most influential countries on earth and even served as inspiration for the legendary British spy, James Bond. Today it is very much in fashion and a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world! This is not a history book but a compelling collection of engaging stories and fun-filled facts that will help you get to know Lisbon while testing your adventurous spirit and endless curiosity! At the end, there are several suggestions of things to do and places to visit with your family, as well as a little diary where you can jot down your memories.

Awaken the young explorer in you and embark on an amazing voyage of discovery as you explore this wonderful city! 


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