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Castelbel - Winter Kisses Soap Set, 3 x 150g

Castelbel - Winter Kisses Soap Set, 3 x 150g

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The Winter Kisses soap set, from the limited Christmas collection of the Portuguese brand Castelbel, is a luxurious product with the scent of red fruit. The soaps have carefully selected ingredients that include 100% plant base, shea butter and high-quality fragrances produced in Europe. Hand-embossed and packed in a very elegant gift box. A beautifully fragrant and 100% natural cosmetic is a perfect gift idea.

Product features


  • Net weight: 3 x 150 g
  • Scent: aromas of red fruit
  • Vegetable soap


  • Packaging: red, green, gold


  • It does not irritate or dry the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Hand-packed in a gift box that reflects the luxurious scent of soap.

 Made in Portugal

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