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casa bohemia

Casa Bohemia - SAUDADE Candle

Casa Bohemia - SAUDADE Candle

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All of these candles come in a thick and heavy white clay pot handmade by our artisan in Algarve and recycled paper. They are made with natural soya wax 100% natural, vegan, biodegradable and made in Europe using NO OGM, NO PESTICIDE, NO HERBICIDE and do not generate any toxic substance on combustion. 

cotton wicks are untreated and comply with European REACH regulations. 

All candles are handmade using organic essencial oils or natural fragrances

We don't use any plastic in our packaging nor cardboard boxes but linen and cottons pouches.

The candles may look more or less filled depending by the handmade bowl but they’re all weight :

200 grs / 7,05 oz ( Regular ) burn approximately 60 hours

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use*.



ORANGE BLOSSOM floral and regressive

Top notes : petit grain

Heart notes : orange blossom

Background Notes : tonka


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