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Book - Serralves Museum by Álvaro Siza

Book - Serralves Museum by Álvaro Siza

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The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art constitutes a place of interchange in the context of national and international art, and it was conceived in such a way as to blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape and to create a simple, sober atmosphere in which to exhibit works of art.

The areas were so designed as to take the greatest possible advantage of a combination of natural and artificial lighting and to allow the proper flexible management required to organize the various exhibitions. Several rooms differ in their characteristics as far as scale, proportion and light are concerned, though Alvaro Siza’s design has ensured that the light is always sweet and soft.

Architecture and art have come together since June 1999 at the Serralves Museum in a relationship of cultural challenge, in which a complicity is created between the subtlety of the architectural bodies and the temporality of the works that it houses.


English - Português 

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