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Bainha de copas

Bainha De Copas - Skirt - Various Styles

Bainha De Copas - Skirt - Various Styles

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Bainha de Copas is a Wearitage and lifestyle brand based in Lisbon, Portugal. Their old world inspirations are taken primarily from the Portuguese passions of art, literature, architecture, and their regions physical and emotional identity is in every stitch, pattern, and colour they create. Harnessing what is significant to those areas, to produce pieces that are beautiful and fun, and that positively contributes to societies visual landscape. 

Bainha de Copas garments are made in Portugal from Portuguese materials, using handcrafted techniques whenever possible, some of which are centuries old.

Styles include:

"Beeing Brave" - Available in two colour patterns: Pink & Orange

"Beeing Passionate" - Available in purple

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastic 

Made in Portugal

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